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Art, Culture and Theater

Terschelling sizzles!
Terschelling is rich in art, culture and theater. The most popular event is street and theater festival Oerol every June. But there is so much more to do, see and experience!
Many islanders create beautiful works of art. Every October the exhibition "Kunst" (Art) is held at Midsland church, displaying many pieces made by local artists. Have you heard of the "Horizontoer"? And West Terschelling has a museum called Het Behouden Huys (The Safe House), where you can find everything about the cultural history of the island. There are more exhibits than can be mentioned here. Click on this link for a complete overview!

Art, culture and theater performances on Terschelling

Movies and performances

Beside art, culture and theater, Terschelling also organizes movie screenings in November. An entire weekend of movie watching at various lovely locations on Terschelling. Of course you can also watch movies here at other times.
There is no shortage of performances either. Everyone knows Hessel, who performs all year in the Groene Weide (Green Meadow) cafe in Hoorn.

Movies and performances on Terschelling