Het eilandgevoel volgens flang

The island feeling according to Flang Cupido

Flang Cupido: Founder of cooking studio Flang in the pan, wild picker, co-founder of the salty vegetable garden, chairman of the Willem club Terschelling and owner of B&B De Postoari.

"The most beautiful spot on the island is the Waddendijk near Lies"

As a born and raised islander, Flang describes the island feeling as follows: "I feel I was chosen to live on the island of Terschelling. Besides, it is typical for Terschelling that we all do it here. In good and sad times, everyone thinks about each other."

"The most beautiful place on the island is the Waddendijk near Lies. There you can look beautifully over the mudflats. With clear weather you can even see all the Wadden Islands and the mainland. The other day I was there early, just before sunrise. The lighthouse lights of all the Wadden Islands were still on, which was a great sight."

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