By boat to Terschelling

Take the boat to Terschelling

The ferry service between Harlingen and Terschelling is operated by shipping company Doeksen. Every day, MS Friesland brings many passengers, cars and bicycles to the island. The crossing lasts approximately one hour and forty-five minutes. The crossing takes about one hour and forty-five minutes. On board the MS Friesland are many places to eat, such as a self-service buffet, a special restaurant that caters to children, a bar and a fancier restaurant.

The Tiger and the Koegelwieck are two comfortable high-speed boats that take you to and from Terschelling in about forty-five minutes. They also operate between Terschelling and Vlieland. Cars and bicycles cannot be transported on the high-speed boat.

The partnership between the shipping company and VVV allows you to make your ferry reservations on this VVV site, after you complete booking your hotel or cottage!

Are you booking a LASTMINUTE or PACKAGE DEAL? In that case, you receive a 20% discount for all passengers. In order to benefit, you are required to book the passage by phone at 0562-443000.

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