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Charging stations on Terschelling

It is possible to charge you elektric car at one of the charging stations on Terschelling.

The existing charging stations malfunction on a regular basis. That's why the municiality is working on replacements at the following locations:

  • Werkhaven 1, West-Terschelling
  • Willem Barentszkade 39, West-Terschelling
  • Duindoornstraat 4, West-Terschelling
  • Douwe Totlaan 5, West-Terschelling
  • Badweg 5, West-Terschelling
  • Kallandspad 1, Midsland
  • Zuid Midslandweg 19, Midsland
  • Midsland aan Zee 313, Midsland
  • Formerum 1, Formerum
  • Schoolpad 2 TO, Hoorn

Besides the public charging stations, you can charge your car at holiday resorts de Riesen in Hee, Tjermelân in Oosterend and at Oosterend 6.

You will find an overview of the charging stations here.

New charging stations can be used by foreigners, using your charge card.

More information can be found on the website of gemeente Terschelling.

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VVV Terschelling

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