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The name 'kronpolders' suggests that this is a polder landscape. Nothing is less true. It is part of the De Noordsvaarder nature reserve and consists of beautiful dune valleys, heathland and rich vegetation. The dune valleys are often wet, which means that the cranberry plant has been able to establish itself successfully. Sometimes the dune valley is deep enough so that the water remains and forms a small lake. Probably the most beautiful walking path in Terschelling leads from the cycle path through these crown polders to the large drifting dunes. Once you have climbed the drifting dune, you will be rewarded with a beautiful panorama over this beautiful area. It's a good place to stay on the south side of the dune in the sun, sheltered from the wind that usually blows from the west! And if you turn around, 20 meters above NAP, and look with your head above the dune to the west side, you will see the beautiful Terschelling coastline. With Vlieland in the distance, and in between the North Sea with the beautiful surf, which explodes without a chance on the Noordergronds due to the strong wind.

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