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The North Sea beach of Terschelling is especially famous for the gigantic width of the beach. It is sometimes a luxury problem if you think you are at the beach and then realize that you have to plod in the soft sand for at least 500 meters with the handcart before you reach the water's edge. But so far that has never led to discouragement among our summer guests. These bathers, as the islanders say, fully enjoy this lovely beach, where you can find a nice spot without lying on the neighbor's towel. And the great thing is: the beach is always close by, because the island itself is only 4 kilometers wide, here you can still experience the real island feeling! But beware: in winter storms rage over the island and it is rough. Then the water can reach the dunes under certain conditions and with the right wind (for example Northwest 8 or higher) and spring tide! 500 meters of beach has completely disappeared.

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