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Sil de Strandjutter monument

On November 6, 2010, a monument in honor of Sil de Strandjutter was unveiled on Terschelling. The monument was made by the Terschelling artists Frans Schot and Jetze de Beer. In 1940 Cor Bruijn's book Sil de Strandjutter was published for the first time. The book has been made into a film on Terschelling! The story takes place over a century ago, on the eastern part of the island. With beautiful images of the Terschelling landscape and unique folkloric customs such as folk dancing, op é riid, traditional costumes, bone stairs and Sunderum. In the lead roles Monique van der Ven and Jan Decleir with about 150 Terschellingers, partly as extras. Jan Decleir was present at the unveiling of this monument. The Sil monument is located on the Oosterender Badweg in Oosterend. At the unveiling of the statue, which consists of three millstones with images of the sea, shipwreck and Sil, Decleir said: "There should be a statue of Sil on Terschelling. To remind the islanders where they come from. to warn the hiker that this paradise island is modeled out of anger, intelligence, struggle, resistance, heroism, delirious joy, breathtaking love and bottomless sadness. Because this fictional character portrays the soul of the islanders of Terschelling, the old as well as the young".

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