Eating & Drinking


Fancy hitting the dance floor?  Terschelling has it. In West-Terschelling and in Midsland there are discotheques as well as nice bars.


Bar dancing Wyb

Open all year, open daily during Christmas break.
‘s Zomers Bar-Dancing.

A fun pub to visit in weekends from September through May.

Oosterburen 11
8891 GA Midsland


Bar-Dancing de Braskoer

Bar/Dancing Braskoer has been a popular destination on Terschelling for many years. The Braskoer is both a pub and disco. The front section is a pub, with a spacious outdoor patio attached. A large dance floor with music and light equipment is in the rear. In preseason, peak and postseasons, a professional DJ plays every night; the rest of the year in weekends only. Bands also play in postseason, winter, and preseasons. Opened from 10:00 am - 2:00 am. See our website for current programming.

Torenstraat 32
8881 BK West Terschelling