The Behouden Huys in West-Terschelling focuses on the island's cultural history including world exploration, whaling, fishing and sailing.  In Formerum there is an exhibition about the history of the cranberry on Terschelling.  Also in Formerum is the wreck and beach combing museum with findings from beach and sea.  In Hoorn there is a small agricultural museum and children's farm.


Wrakkenmuseum De Boerderij

In 1975, owner and wreck diver Hille van Dieren started diving up and collecting inventory documents from the many shipwrecks around Terschelling Island. The museum has a large collection of oddities dating from 1650 to modern times. It is an exciting museum for adults and children alike.

Formerum Zuid 13
8894 KH Formerum Terschelling


Kinderboerderij & landbouwmuseum Het Hooivak

Petting Zoo and Agricultural Musem Het Hooivak
Such fun! We're off to the petting zoo! You can also enjoy yourself indoors, sitting around the cozy wood burning fireplace at Het Hooivak. Would you like to perform circus tricks with our pony? Or feed the goats, churn butter, or grind wheat? In our new living room, you can do carpentry, enjoy yourself with clay, coloring, and play. Our farmhouse, built in 1889, is a fascinating agricultural museum. The farmer's wife is happy to talk about its history, accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate and apple pie. See www.hooivak.nl.

Kooiweg 3
8896 JL Terschelling Hoorn


Museum 't Behouden Huys

Museum 't Behouden Huys is just like Terschelling: unique, quirky and surprisingly versatile! 
By visiting the museum you will really get to know the island, its inhabitants and customs
 - from yesterday to prehistoric times. Step into the islander farm life or discover the animated fairy tales and sagas.
In the hut of explorer Willem Barentsz you will learn more about his chilling adventure on Nova Zembla.
Reverend Grevensteijn tells you more about the big fire he experienced in 1666.
Whether you are 3 or 98 years old, there is plenty for everyone to discover!
Commandeurstraat 30
8881 BA West-Terschelling

Natuurmuseum Terschelling

Right behind the beautiful chestnut tree on museum square, you will find the Center for Nature and Landscape of Terschelling. It is much larger than the facade suggests.
At the immense windows of a 60,000 liter aquarium, you will come face to face with residents of the North Sea and Wadden Sea. Everything swims together in this lively aquarium: big and small, young and old, round fish and flatfish. You can touch and pet the stingrays who swim in open tank.


The five-year temporary exhibit "Wadden, Weather and Climate" addresses the ins and outs of the unique climate of the mudflats. Fascinating nature films discuss the abundant bird populations of the island and mudflats. The Center is extremely suitable for children.

Key words: originate, high and low tide, world heritage site, landscapes, plants and animals, Bosplaat, sand, fresh water systems, maintaining natural environments, mudflats, shell exhibit, seals, salt; extremely suitable for children.

If you are tired of standing, please take a seat in the theater where unique Wadden films are shown continuously.

Measuring equipment and tools are available for simple natural research. It is fun to do, especially for children older than approximately 10.

All presentations and aquariums have LED lighting. This leads to surprising effects, especially with underwater lighting. The Center is the first museum in the Netherlands to use LED lighting exclusively.

Because we use this lighting, we achieve significant savings on our energy expenditure, and decrease our CO2 emissions.

Burg. Reedekerstraat 11