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De Streken

Kunstwerk De Streken

On de mudflats behind the Wadden Sea dike near Oosterend, a long, narrow wooden bridge can be found from June to mid-September. The bridge ends in a kind of wooden flower that opens and closes to the rhythm of tides. A magical sight, both at low and high tide. We are talking about 'de Streken'. A landscape project by visual artist Marc van Vliet, which was realized by Oerol in collaboration with Sense of Place, as a tribute to the late Oerol and Sense of Place founder Joop Mulder.

De Streken was shown during the Oerol Festival before. On the night of Tuesday, July 6, 2021, a southwestern storm and spring tide came together and detroyed the foundation of the De Streken. A new, semi-permanent version was created in 2022, which is now higher and more stable. Since then, De Streken has returned annually and can be seen again from June 4 to September 13, 2024 on the mudflats in Oosterend (at the end of the Perkweg). Unless the Wadden Sea decides otherwise.

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