Nature and nature reserves on Terschelling

North Sea Beach

The North Sea beach of Terschelling is famous for just one thing: The enormous width of the beach is breathtaking. It is something of a luxury problem when you arrive at the beach, only to realize you have to drag your belongings another 500 meters through soft sand before reaching the water. But this has never discouraged our summer guests from visiting.

"Badgasten" (bathing guests), as the islanders call their seaside visitors, fully enjoy the wonderful beach, where it is easy to find the perfect spot without landing on your neighbor's towel. And the beauty of it is, the beach is always close by, because the island is only four kilometers wide; we never have traffic jams on Terschelling! But be careful: storms rage across the island in the winter, and the beach is wild. Under certain circumstances, with specific winds (such as Northwesterly 8 or higher) in combination with spring tides, water can reach up to the dunes! 500 meters of beach disappears altogether. For current tidal information be sure to consult WadsApp Terschelling!


Beach sailing and "Blokart" races take place on the wide beaches. You can try it out for yourself! In preseason, postseason, and summer months, you can rent a Blokart at a very reasonable price. You can fly kites on the beach to your heart's content, and for the daredevils among us, many businesses have power kites for rent. You could even take it to the next level: How would you like to go surf rafting with your friends? Intense and exciting, and absolutely safe with the right instruction. Of course the beach is pure heaven for people who love horseback riding! Galloping endlessly along the water's edge... for locals who own horses it is nothing new, but for our visitors it can be quite astonishing.

Walking and riding on the beach

The beach is mostly used for leisurely walks. Particularly in the preseason, postseason and winter months, the beach is wonderfully quiet and you can take long walks without ever seeing another soul. In the winter, jeeps with special permits are allowed to drive on the beach. You could take advantage of that too: A great way to ride the beach is in a horse drawn carriage, and the coachman is sure to delight you with his stories. Would you prefer something a little more thrilling? In that case, you might want to take a motorized beach excursion, or book a beach ride with one of the taxi companies.

Food and Drinks

Are you ready for some refreshments, after your day on the beach? A number of beach pavilions are open throughout the year. From November to March, please consult the VVV before you set off to enjoy that coveted cup of coffee on the beach. Some pavilions are only open between April and October to serve that delicious cup of coffee, invigorating cocktail, lunch, and often also dinner. On the map at the top of this page, you can locate the beach crossings. A pavilion is on the beach near every beach crossing. However, only at the Hoorn crossing is the pavilion on the land side of the dune, on a lovely, sheltered spot.

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