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For centuries, out of necessity, the mixed farm was favored by farmers on Terschelling. In recent years, the islander farmer lives mainly from dairy farming. For the most part, the milk goes to the dairy industry on the mainland. Yet, there are farmers who have chosen to use milk from Islander cows themselves. These cows, compared to the green biliard fields on the mainland, have herbrich pastures at their disposal. Also, the milk, and ultimately the cheese, naturally acquires a sea salt content due to the salt deposits on the grasslands. This ensures the specific taste of real Terschellinger 'boeren'cheese. Various types of cow's cheese are offered at a number of cheese farms.

Sheep's cheese
Terschellinger sheep cheese is made of milk from sheep that graze on Terschellinger pastures. When the lambs are about four weeks old and able to eat grass themselves, it is possible to milk the mother sheep. At this moment the production is at its highest. Various types of cheese are made. Among them are young, cured, 'wet' sheep cheese, nettle and fenugreek.

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