Scholen op terschelling

Schools on Terschelling

The primary education on Terschelling consists of five schools, spread across the island. There are two Christian elementary schools: the CBS Vossersschool on West and CBS 't Jok in Hoorn, and three public elementary schools: the Prinses Margrietschool on West, 't Hunnighouwersgat in Midsland and the OBS 't Jok in Hoorn. Since September 2014, the Brede school started and it houses: the CBS Vossersschool, the Prinses Margrietschool, Prokino, Stichting Jeugdwerk Terschelling (SJT) and Stichting Thuishaven.

Central on the island, in Midsland, is 't Schylger Jouw, the municipal comprehensive school for VMBO TL & KB/BB Services and Commerce. The junior HAVO/VWO course can also be followed there. Furthermore, in West-Terschelling there is the Maritiem Instituut Willem Barentsz (Nautical College), a high school for maritime officers.

Going to the shore for school
Once an islander child is ready to move up a rung, secondary education on the island is not enough. As said, here on the island 2 years of Havo/VWO can be followed, but after that the child must go to 'the shore' school. So you see that there are children who go to the Havo or VWO on the shore from the elementary school. Usually they go to the RSG in Harlingen. They are then 12 years old.

Where previously boarding families were used a lot, nowadays you see more and more parents who rent or buy a house together in Harlingen and take turns in providing for the food and drink of the children. This seems to be a very nice solution to not be separated so early from the children and their upbringing. In general, an islander child is independent quite early because of this situation. Often, children between 16 and 19 years of age start living on their own.

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