Strandloop 1 tot 18

Walk from Paal 1 to 18

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Put on your walking shoes and go! During this brisk walk from beach post 1 to 18 you will come across all kinds of things. Maybe you will spot all 18 animal species that can be found during this trip. Most animals you can find right next to the beach: in the water: shrimps, crabs, fish and shellfish. You can find mussels, starfish, see squirts, snails, crabs and sea anemones. The large nutrients of the coastal water is the reason why there are always birds on the beach. In summer, these are gulls, terns, beaked plovers or shore plovers. In winter, there are also gulls, sanderlings and various kinds of ducks in the sea.

Mammals are rarely seen on the beach except for people and dogs of course. Most of the times, seals hunt close to the coast and sometimes rest on the beach. However, often they choose a peaceful and quiet sandbank. When you see a seal, there is no need to warn anyone unless the animal looks clearly ill or very young.

The Wadden Sea area is portrayed in a special way in a beautiful film. This masterpiece produced by Ruben Smit is a must-see. It is not for nothing that the Wadden Sea has been declared a Unesco World Heritage Site

WAD, overleven op de grens van water en land, bestel je hier >>

Along the way there are plenty of opportunities for a short, or long, break at one of the many beach pavilions you will come across. For a delicious lunch or quick snack, to take a break. Or finish your walk at one of the restaurants, and enjoy a nice dinner.

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