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Terschelling: facts and figures

Read facts, figures and sometimes background and cultural facts about the beautiful island of Terschelling here! Choose from the topics below,

With 71,298 hectares, Terschelling is almost the largest municipality in the Netherlands.

How is that possible? A large part of the Wadden Sea including the bird island of Griend belongs to the grounds of the municipality. The island itself is 11,575 hectares.

Some details:
Surface: 11,575 ha.
Length: +/- 30 km (of which the first half inhabited and the second half nature reserve).
Width: max. 4.5 km
Number of residents: 4,900 people
Tourist sleeping places: around 18,000
Sun hours: Terschelling has 20% more sun hours than the average in the Netherlands.
Wind: the western winds blow the most here. Perfect for a breath of fresh air.
Precipitation: it rains here 20% less than average in the Netherlands!

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