Welkom op terschelling

Welcome to Terschelling

It is so wonderful to experience that fantastic island feeling together again. You are most welcome on Terschelling. Time to make new memories! There is plenty of space for everyone. So, feel free to make yourself at home, because Terschelling is also committed to working together to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Together, we can ensure a responsible stay during your holiday.

This page contains useful information for your stay on Terschelling.

Ferry and public transport
Wearing a protective mask is mandatory for your ferry crossing. This should be worn as early as in the departure hall. It is mandatory to wear the protective mask throughout the journey, even if you are outside on the deck. It is mandatory to wear a protective mask on Arriva buses.
For more information about your transport: Rederij Doeksen / Arriva Terschelling (NL).

Upon arrival, follow the routes on the port site: Blue -> route to Buses; Yellow -> route to the Village; Green -> route to Taxis; Red -> route to the Terminal.

1.5 Metres social distancing on Terschelling
Maintaining social distance and avoiding hustle and bustle also applies during your holiday.
It is important to maintain a social distance of five feet (1.5 m) from others when visiting the villages. Cycling through the shopping streets in West-Terschelling and Midsland is not possible. There is also a clear walking direction in the shopping streets, requesting you to walk on the right-hand side as much as possible. In case of oncoming traffic on the cycle path, please ride or walk behind each other.

Many of the events have been cancelled. Check vvvterschelling.com/events for an up-to-date overview of the available events.
The municipality hopes these measures will help manage any possible crowds and does everything in its power to prevent any new restrictive measures. It is possible for the central government or the municipality to impose new measures that may limit your freedom of movement during your holiday.

Entrepreneurs, catering industry & visitor centres
The Terschellinger entrepreneurs are happy to extend you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay. They follow the guidelines of the government and ask for your cooperation. Visitor centres, museums, the cinema and restaurants may require a reservation. Shops may admit a limited number of customers to shop simultaneously. The following applies to all centres and shops: avoid crowds. Try to plan your visit at less common times. Some shops, such as supermarkets, only admit one person per family. Do not form queues for shops that are 'full', but come back at a different time. The catering industry on Terschelling must also adhere to the coronavirus measures of keeping a social distance of five feet (1.5 m). Space inside is therefore limited.

It is advised to book your lunch or dinner in advance to avoid disappointment.

This is especially relevant during rainy or colder weather. Many restaurants have longer opening hours or deliver to your home, even if you are staying at a holiday park or camping site. During busy times, please do not prolong your stay at a terrace, café or restaurant longer than is reasonably necessary so others have a chance to enjoy themselves as well. The terrace capacity on the island has been considerably expanded for you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. The National Forest Service, Staatsbosbeheer, has also placed extra outdoor picnic benches.

Click here for more information and links.

Health care
There are two GP facilities on Terschelling. One of the priorities during these special times is maintaining a high level of care for the vulnerable residents of Terschelling in particular. For this to be guaranteed, health care is organised slightly differently than usual:
If you are 70 years of age or older, or if you have underlying health conditions, you belong to a risk group. Take extra caution and avoid crowded places;

Do not go on holiday if you recently experienced medical symptoms and/or if your family is obligated to stay at home as a result of a (possible) contamination;

Should you experience any symptoms associated with the coronavirus during your stay, we ask you to stay inside your accommodation, avoid any social contact and to contact your GP. If you unexpectedly need medical care during your holiday, first contact your own GP as they may be able to advise you over the phone. If a visit is deemed necessary, you can contact one of the GP facilities by phone. Unfortunately, walk-ins are no longer possible; you will have to call first for an appointment. In case of emergency, please contact West-Terschelling 0562-443333 or Midsland 0562 448222.

The coronavirus impacts all our lives. The measures are not necessarily fun and have far-reaching consequences for many of us. But remember that these measures are in place to contain the spread of the virus while allowing as much freedom of movement as possible. Freedom of movement for us all!

So, please adhere to the instructions above to maintain that freedom of movement. This is the best way to guarantee that health care, including that on Terschelling, can remain at the ready should the need arise.
We thank you kindly in advance for your cooperation. We wish you a wonderful time on Terschelling!

On behalf of,

Mrs Jon Hermans-Vloedbeld, mayor of Terschelling | Mr Paul Melles, director of Rederij Doeksen | Mr Willem Mier, chairman of Terschellinger Entrepreneurship Association | Mr Michel Aaldering, director of VVV Terschelling | Mr Menno Zwier & Mr Jeroen van Helsdingen, on behalf of the Terschellinger general practitioners | Mr Jaap Vis & Mr Dick Visser, Horeca & Hotels

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